In FOUR MINUTES TO SAVE THE WORLD something strange happens with time. The protagonists have fallen through the looking-glass  into a place where things are apposite, rather than opposite. Time is not exactly slower and faster than usual, it’s become liquid – like the liquid protrusions of DONNIE DARKO that haunt his journeys in the fourth dimension. And the atmosphere is not exactly hypnotic; you don’t sense a circular movement, rather a distortion. The clip neither moves nor stays still, it seems to exist in some Moebius universe, where time and space are out of joint.

Then you have the strange forays into the flesh, making it seem both transparent and endlessly malleable; perhaps animation taken to the extreme of its potential to undermine the Cartesian universe. These contortions remind me a lot of the way flesh turns uncontrollable in both David Cronenberg’s films and Jan Svankmajer’s animations.